i keep a picture of Jhonen in my wallet

i love Jhonen's legs so much omfg they are so sassy jESUS

I wanna be in a threesome with Jhonen and Nny. Lots of fucked up torture and bondage and bloodplay and uniforms and gunkink involved.

I don't think jhonen would be dominat in any relationship. He would be very submissive, and love getting fucked by my strap-on

just pinned a photo of jhonen on my roof so can stare at him all night.

hope u feel better soon :)

ME TOO. the doctor said 3 months at the least if i recover.

I would like to apologize for my absence lately. I’ve gotten very sick and I’ve been with a lot of doctors and I haven’t had time to get on the computer. When I get more healthy and start to recover I will post these confessions that I have sitting in my inbox. If you have any questions you can go ahead and message me and ask. Again, I’m sorry. 

His boney island tweets are adorable <3 you can see his reflection in one >w< :U totally wasn't analyzing them or anything.


to get red of the link thing go to customize, edit html, then do ctrl+f and copy and paste this into the box: <h2 class= and then highlight <h2 class=""> and all the words inside </h2> then delete it, then click save